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0000149Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Jobs, Militarypublic2010-04-02 09:502015-10-09 05:01
Toady One 
0000149: When ordered to attack, squads can get distracted chasing harmless animals
I have a one-man squad. There are several animals on the map. I give an attack order to kill a gazelles. The soldier feels that it is necessary to run down and kill every animal it sees on the way to that single gazelle.

There should be some kind of way to turn off killing non-hostile animals, like there was in the previous versions. I say this of course because when I give an order to kill a group of goblins that are attacking the fort, I don't want my squads to run off chasing a squirrel, leaving my civilians to die.
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related to 0000481acknowledged Toady One Kill/attack commands/orders don't work 
has duplicate 0001435closed Footkerchief Military attacks wrong target 
has duplicate 0005116resolved Footkerchief Militia chasing wrong enemy 
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2010-04-02 09:56   
Since you ordered it to kill a gazelle, I wonder if it is considering the 'group' of gazelles as a single unit, thus your soldier attacked them all.

Though, I'd agree a 'kill' order should just be for a single creature.
2010-04-02 09:56   
I removed the 'kill' tag because in-game the order is k: attack.
2010-04-13 09:15   
It's not a case of killing other animals of the same type. I just came here to post the same issue. I targeted some hoary marmots with the kill order (used the kill list to tag 3 marmots), and my lone psycho dwarf massacred a herd of elephants and a mountain goat along the way. Which was annoying because I wanted to trap those elephants.
2010-04-13 09:20   
Dwarves will attack everything in sight, no matter their orders.
40d version had "Stay close to station" and "Ignore wild animals" orders to prevent that, hopefully Toady will add something like that back again.
2010-06-10 16:57   
Still occurs in 0.31.06
2010-07-07 16:09   
Listed as fixed in 31.09 on the devlog.
2015-03-24 15:38   
In July 10, 2010 devlog of 31.09 release there is "stopped targeting of benign, far away wilderness creatures after they see you, unless they are close".

So can this report be closed as "resolved"? Also, why was status of 0001435 changed to "closed" from "resolved" while it is a "duplicate"?
2015-03-25 10:06   
Wow, 5 years. Thanks for the heads up Creidieki/Detros. I've added it to the changelog. If anyone sees an instance of this issue that isn't covered by another report (such as 0000481), please message a manager on the forums.

Detros, the 'closed' designation is the final resting place of reports. 0001435 was still resolved as a duplicate. We just haven't had a closing session since way back then.