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0001494Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Jobs, Healthcarepublic2010-04-24 10:582011-09-29 18:05
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0001494: injured dwarf 'cannot stand' too tough to rest but can't move.
One of my legenday swordwarves had a troll step on his foot. He had just singlehandedly taken out a squad of goblins, so he's kind of a badass. The 'Health' display in the z menu shows that he cannot stand, and his personal description says his foot is cut open.

Nevertheless he's too tough to pass out, so he's just kind of hanging out where he fell down. His job says 'Individual Combat Drill,' meaning he wants to go train, but can't move. Instead he's going to die of thirst.
1) Have a really tough dwarf
2) Impair his ability to walk
3) Watch him refuse to be rescued and die of thirst.
This is probably related to the 'dwarves trying to pick up equipment with no hands' bug.
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Is there a hospital for him to rest in?
2010-04-24 13:03   
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And does the hospital have beds table traction bench and a doctor with all healthcare labors and cheif medical dwarf?

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Might be related to 0001061 if he was somehow interrupted from resting at some point.

Probably also related to 0000681 in that lower-body injuries are seemingly ignored by the health system.
2010-04-24 21:16   
yes and yes. He was tired from the fighting, so he eventually (nearly a season later) passed out. At that point he was rescued and treated properly. If he had been thirsty to begin with, he would most certainly have died.
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I'm playing version 31.25, and I thought I had this problem, but testing showed that eventually the dwarf got carried off to my hospital. So you may need to upgrade your version.

My soldier's foot was cut open after opening 12 cages of goblins on fully equipped squad(s). 2 Dwarfs laid there, one with sensory motor damage and one with a cut foot. But eventually, someone with Recover Wounded / Feed Patients / Diagnosis / suturing came and plopped him in my Hospital.