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0001499Dwarf FortressAnimal Populationspublic2010-04-24 14:142014-01-17 10:40
Knight Otu 
Toady One 
0001499: Some new underground creatures do not spawn
When you generate a new world, and look at the text export under the Underground Animal Populations header, you might notice that a few of the new underground creatures have no populations listed. These are magma crabs, helmet snakes, giant earthworms, and cave dragons. All of those lack the [LARGE_ROAMING] tag, and possibly the [LARGE_PREDATOR] tag in the case of the snake.

The giant earthworm might instead be missing vermin tags due to its small size, and the cave dragon might be deliberate - it seems to be similar to megabeasts.
creature, Probable Quick Fix, underground
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2010-09-29 14:03   
When this gets fixed, 0003245 needs to get fixed along with it, otherwise magma crabs won't live very long.
Toady One   
2010-10-02 04:27   
This should be sorted out for 0.31.15.