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0001558Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Environmentpublic2010-04-26 14:272011-06-13 15:36
king doom 
0001558: When water freezes/thaws on a ramp tile, upward ramp is left without corresponding downward ramp
I made a moat, I flooded it, due to a miscalculation several ramps were left behind. Come winter, the moat froze, and the ramps broke. They still existed when the water melted during spring, but they only existed from the bottom, you could not see them from the top, the surface of the moat, where they had been before the river froze. The ^ part existed, but the v part on the level above that was gone totally.
Didn't get a chance to have a dwarf use the ramp, but I suspect said dwarf would have found a portal to another dimension, possibly the world of Dungeon Keeper. Will attempt to replicate, secondary objectives are to secure, tame and begin captive breeding of Horned Reapers.
Frozen, ramps
has duplicate 0002487resolved Footkerchief Mismatched ramps after digging out ice 
has duplicate 0003219resolved Footkerchief frozen ramps lack floor. 
has duplicate 0004698resolved Dwarfu Freezing causes downward slopes to disappear. 
child of 0001265new  Ramps covered with ice have no floors above, adventurer can "fly" over 
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I can corfirm this issue: Embark to freezing biome, channel edge of water and wait to water to freeze/unfreeze.

Quite annoying and source fo confusion, but since downward ramp is preserved, dwarves are still able to climb up from water if they accidentally fall into it.

In fact, it can be abused to easily create one-way passage.