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0000016: Requesting Pets from Liason shows duplicate items
On the screen to select items from the Liason, the Pets category displays duplicates, "Donkey" and "Donkey". I'm assuming these are supposed to be male and female since Cow and Bull are displayed and only one Mule, but no sex indicator is included.
Start discussion with the Liason. Select the "Pet" type. The Goods listed shows duplicate animals.
By listing Bull first, I'm assuming all the top selections for each animal are the males.
fish, liaison, pet, sex, trade
duplicate of 0000135resolved Toady One Fish and other creatures listed twice in embark screen and trade screen, with no male/female symbol 
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2010-04-01 14:38   
Same thing for the 'Fish' Type - not sure if there are m/f fish/lobster, but if there are, a sex indicator needs to be appended.
2010-04-02 01:01   
Found the same thing, both with fish and the pets, so it reproduces properly.
2010-04-03 07:51   
other report slightly more comprehensive