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0001602Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Jobs, Item Improvements/Decorationspublic2010-04-28 04:232010-06-09 06:45
cheshire cat 
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0001602: Decorating crafts uses up entire stacks of bone for single decoration. even stacks of 50+ elephant bones.
attempting to force dwarves to decorate masterwork weapons, noticed that while bone crafts or decorating other objects, dwarf appears to use up an entire stack of bones, no matter how many bones are in the stack, to create a single decoration.

this is contrasted to how a dwarf will use individual bones from a giant stack when creating bone crafts, such as sceptres and rings. this may be intentional, but it seems very odd.
butcher an animal that gives a stack of bones
have some crafts available
have a craftsdwarf decorate an item with bone. he should use an entire stack, no matter how large, for a single decoration on a single item.

i noticed this with my steel masterwork weapons, and it happened with wood crafts and medical things like splints when i tested to see if it was only weapons.
using mike maydays df30 release, with partial print on. dwarves have speed 0 so i can spruce up my finished fort for adventure mode.
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duplicate of 0002011resolved Toady One Decorating with bone/horn uses whole stack 
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Well, 2011 seems to have generated more interest than this one, so I'll resolve this as a duplicate...
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Oops :/