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0001603Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Jobs, Item Improvements/Decorationspublic2010-04-28 04:352010-06-09 06:46
cheshire cat 
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0001603: giant stacks of elephant bones/fat instantly clutter kitchens or workshops, making work extremely slow.
after butchering an elephant, making bone crafts out of its remains is very slow as the dwarves move its stack of 50+ bones or fat around in one go which instantly causes serious workshop clutter. the stack then gets chipped away very slowly.

when a job appears it might be good to have the dwarves grab a manageable number of bones/fat from a larger stack rather then the entire large stack. or make an exception for undevidable massive stacks.
embark where there are elephants or other extremely large creatures.
hunt/tame an elephant and butcher it
attempt to render its fat in a kitchen or make things out of its bones.
workshop where the stack of elephant bits is in will become instantly cluttered and dwarf craftsmen or cooks will work very very slowly.

note that using bones to decorate crafts uses an entire stack for one decoration, and so dont really count...
using mike maydays df30 graphics pack, currently have dwarves speed set to 0 so i can finish my fort for adventure mode, although the giant stack thing happens regardless of speed.

unrelated, ive been seriously enjoying the new release, especially fielding armies of dwarves against the undergroun, and not dying to wolves all the time in adventure mode.
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duplicate of 0000231resolved Toady One Body parts from large creatures (bones, meat, leather, tusks, etc) slow workshops down due to clutter 
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