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0001609Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Immigrationpublic2010-04-28 09:532012-03-28 23:50
Toady One 
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0001609: Immigrant dwarves' skills often don't match their job settings
  I frequently get immigrant dwarves with skillsets drastically different from their jobs preferences. This can be relatively minor, or pretty significant.

  The worst case I've seen so far was a self professed fisherdwarf with all metalworking skills... Now I have to check every incoming dwarf for skills because I can't trust what they say they are, lol.

  It's conceivable this is intended, I suppose, but shouldn't these dwarves have skill in lying?
 look at immigrant skills for a few dozen immigrants, I normally see one liar at least every 20 immigrants.
has duplicate 0003512resolved Footkerchief Immigrants with non-zero skills arrive without appropriate labours set 
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child of 0000110resolved Toady One Migrant hunters/miners/woodcutters can arrive with labors disabled, causing them to drop equipment 
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2010-04-28 10:35   
If you have DT its very easy to see the strangeness of the pre-set skills. And yes, often times the skills enabled by default having nothing to do with the actual skills the dwarf has experience in. Its pretty much guaranteed in every immigrant wave to have at least a few dwarves with this issue.
2011-03-31 03:18   
I've encountered this in 0.31.25, sort of. But something even more bizarre is going on. After first noticing some skill mismatches in an earlier game, I paid close attention to the first incoming wave and found no real skills, even though only one of the five was labeled a "Peasant". (They did have things like Swimmer, Leader, Liar, etc.)

However, I then reloaded the game to note down the exact skill mixes for this report, and suddenly found far more skills listed! Before the save, one "Fisherdwarf" was just a Leader and Swimmer. After reloading, he was:

High Master Fisherdwarf
Talented Strand Extractor
Novice Gem Cutter
Competent Wax Worker
Adequate Swimmer
Novice Leader
2011-03-31 03:23   
Michael, it appears you accidentally turned off the viewing of those skills.

[v]iew a creature, [c] to show/hide combat related skills and [b] to show hide labor related skills. It looks at though you only had [m] misc skills enabled.

Does that account for your problem?
2011-03-31 05:49   
As far as the 'wrong skills enabled' : think of the dwarfs as being better at their hobbies than their day jobs. This was talked about during one of the df talks: dwarves get random skillsets for their job(just like the always did), but then go through 'their life until now' simulations that sometimes generate skill levels higher than their core skill.

I'm not sure what the fix would be. The core skillset is supposed to be representative of your fort's needs.
2011-03-31 08:07   
Limit hobby skills?
2011-03-31 08:55   
As far as michael's comment; he might have had skills hidden, but I recall having this happen about twice to me; but I didn't have to reload. Generally I would view them once, select another dwarf (or anything else) and then select them again; suddenly the rest of their skills would be visible.

I'm sure it's possible I accidentally hit the [c] [b] [m] buttons, but I never deliberately turn those off, so there might be some delay between the immigrant appearing on-screen and their skills being registered or something. I have no idea how the coding works, obviously, but might that be possible?
2011-05-31 18:53   
It probably was hidden skills -- I didn't realize what those options did until shortly after making the report.

I can't investigate further, though. My save is worthless because save/reload cured the bug. (As would be expected if it was indeed just an accidental hide command.)
2011-08-07 01:42   
I just noticed that this is awaiting update. I've seen the same thing occurring in 31.25, if thats what you mean by awaiting update.

If dwarves actually have hobby skills higher than their job skills, wouldn't that indicate that they should be titled based on their higher skills?

Would a high master beekeeper who is titled as a mason really travel to a fort in the arctic under a glacier to practice as a dabbling mason? Really? Maybe if there was a job description "Prisoner"...

Additionally - EVERY titled engraver also has masonry skill enabled, even if they have zero skill in it.
2011-08-07 02:57   
Farmerbob, your issue is valid. I tagged it awaiting update so I could follow-up with Michael to see if his situation was related, but it appears to have been user misunderstanding.
2012-02-15 17:05   
Also affects my fortress. Very annoying. Wouldn't have to use Dwarf Therapist if jobs were set properly.