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0001613Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Interface, Squad Controlpublic2010-04-28 13:352012-02-27 18:37
0001613: already used equipment shows up in squad equipment screen
another very annoying bug, already used equiment shows up as available equipment in the squad equipment interface... Its a pain in the ass try and error game if you try to find out which item is yet to use and which not.

If the item is already used it is being deleted from the dwarf using it, this works as intended (I think).

The already equipped items should at least be of a different color, or simply not show up.
1. generate some items of the same type and quality (eg. iron breastplates by the same armorer)
2. switch to the squad screen
3. add a squad with just the captain
4. select one of the above built specific equip for the dwarf
5. add another dwarf and try to guess which equipment ist yet to use and which not
squad system should work, without using the specific funktion, but if even this function won't work as expected (or at least in a useable manner), the system is actually in a pretty but useless state with high potential atm.
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duplicate of 0005485resolved Toady One Assigning "specific weapon / armor" doesn't show which items are already assigned. 
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I'm putting this under the umbrella of 0000535, although it may be related to 0000892 in particular.