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Toady One 
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0001614: No training in barracks
I defined a squad of 8 dwarves with training every month (min. of 6 dwarves on duty), built a barrack and set the squad to active mode and the barrack squad mode to training.

The dwarves are never going into training (and stay in "civilian" mode), except for two of them which are doing "individual combat drill" in the barrack. When I look at the squad status, the two dwarves that are in the barrack are in fact the two that are not shown as "training" (as there should be 6 dwarves on duty, two of them are not training - but it's these two that are actually!). The other 6 dwarves instead remain at "no job".

The problem was solved when I built a second barrack: the dwarves suddenly turned into military and started to attend training upon supervision of one of them in the second barrack.

My point is, why is the first barrack occupied by "non-training dwarves" in priority?
Define a squad, build a barrack, set dwarves (less than the total number of dwarves in the squad) to training.
Minor bug, as building a second barrack seems to solve the problem, but very confusing if you don't think to build a second barrack.
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This is fixed for 0.31.11.