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0001656Dwarf FortressAdventure Mode -- Displaypublic2010-04-30 10:432010-05-27 10:00
0001656: When finding adamantine in adventure mode you still get the praise the miners! message.
I am in a cave and I have found this happens evrey single time you find adamantine.
Make adventurer.

get quest

find cave

explore cave

find adamantine.
Adamantine, adventure mode
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2010-05-01 17:22   
Possibly leftover code since in 40D, you wouldn't encounter adamantine unless it was already mined out and the praise the miners! message had already been triggered. So Toady just hadn't dealt with this situation yet.

Does it happen once for the same node or does it happen every time you see an adamantine wall or whatever?
2010-05-27 10:00   
Im not sure,

I think if you went far enough so the darkness came and went back to it you would get the message again