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Toady One 
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0001687: Deleting "individual choice, melee" fails to unassign weapons
On the Military screen, one of the options for equipping dwarves is "individual choice, melee". This will equip the dwarf with a melee weapon, however, if the "indiv. choice, melee" assignment is deleted, the dwarf doesn't drop the weapon.
1. Assign "individual choice, melee" to a new military dwarf.
2. Wait for him to equip a weapon.
3. Delete the dwarf's "individual choice, melee" assignment.
4. Observe that the dwarf still retains the weapon, even after enough time has elapsed for the arsenal dwarf to sign off the order.
 This may also apply to other assignments when they are not specific about a particular item.
 A workaround seems to be:
1. Assign the dwarf his stubbornly retained weapon by specifically assigning it to him on the equip menu.
2. Cancel the specific weapon assignment.
3. The retained weapon now disappears from the "Assignments" part of the military menu, and will be dropped.
 It seems to work because deleting specific assignments cause the specified weapon to be de-assigned and dropped. When "Indiv. choice, melee" is cancelled, the game doesn't know which item it has to de-assign.
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My test dwarf pitched his axe on the ground almost immediately, so I'll mark this one off considering the fixes up through 0.31.11.