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0001696Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Trapspublic2010-05-02 07:272012-02-16 12:30
0001696: creature fled before being thrown into pit - gets freed by dwarfes everytime it is being cagetrapped again
the course of action:

- I captured some goblins.
- I put them (the caged goblins) near a 15z deep pit for obvious reasons.
- I wanted to throw one of the goblins into the pit (worked before, though a 7z deep pit only caused small injuries (yellow) - I don't think this works as intended -, 15z were enaugh though), but the dwarf let it flee, because of taking on another task (maybe another bug) while walking the 6 tiles to the pit.
- after him running through the fortress killing several wardogs and injuring many military I got him trapped in a room. (he was inside the room and I forbade the doors)
- I built cage traps in front of one door.
- I opened the door and the goblin got trapped in the cage trap.
- one dwarf went to the trap and freed the goblin (instead of putting the cage+goblin on the animal stockpile).

intended behaviour:
goblin should stay trapped even if he fled before
look at the above course of action. Can be reproduced as many times as you want.
maybe already existed in earlier versions, but I never noticed it, since a single goblin in the fort was equal with a single dead goblin in the fortress. In the actual version cage traps seem to be the only really efficient weapon against even small goblin armies, so the bug is really major atm. Maybe less urgent if the military system is less buggy again.
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2010-05-02 11:43   
found out the reason for this bug... the creature kept assigned to the pond, so the dwarfes tried to lead it to the pond, but it simply wasn't possible anymore.
2010-05-03 09:59   
another hint to the bug:

the dwarf who released the creature got severely injured by the creature. After getting unconcious he was stuck in a loop of "got interupted by goblin spearman". Look at the screen here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/8684252@N05/4571903655/sizes/o/in/photostream/ [^]

if the goblin now runs into a cage trap the other dwarves try to lead the goblin to the pit. But they get interrupted by the original releaser. (reproducably, they could walk with the goblin one to two steps but then lost the goblin and the gobo was free again)

My workaround was unassigning the goblin from the pit, putting the cage directly next to the pit and assigning the goblin again to the pit. Since only one step away, the dwarves were able to push the goblin into the pit. After the goblin died, the initial releaser got out of the "interrupted by" loop and his wounds could be treated.

May be able (I think I backupped the save to post it here, but on another PC) to upload a savegame showing this bug.
2010-05-03 10:25   
The save would probably be helpful, yeah. You can upload it to http://dffd.wimbli.com/ [^]
2010-05-03 14:18   
will see if I find the savegame at weekend.

think its directly related to 0001061

2010-05-11 19:43   
Did you do anything to disarm the goblin after you trapped him? Or did you tell your dwarf to try to grab an armed goblin with his bare hands and drag him to a pit. They would always escape in 40d if they weren't disarmed, and even sometimes when they had been disarmed.

It may be the dwarfs aren't repeatedly freeing it as much as repeatedly trying to pit the goblin and it's poking them with its spear and getting away.
2010-05-18 04:04   
don't have the save any more, will post one if I see this bug again.

No I didn't disarm the goblin, but armed goblins were thrown into the pit before, so it works with armed goblins anyway. My error at the time was, that I tried to pit more than one creature at the same time (3 to be precise, 2 were thrown into the pit, the 3rd not).