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0001701Dwarf FortressCreaturespublic2010-05-02 14:302010-05-06 13:12
0001701: HFS Critters attempting to clean self?
Reaching hell got lots of records in errorlog.txt like:

path fail: copper fiend,Clean Self,182,102,3 -> 175,144,35: Id #24271:Path Goal Start Water Job Well:Station Owner at 183,103,4

same with some forgotten beasts

>>>path fail: forgotten beast,Clean Self,10,176,15 -> 175,144,35: Id 0002726:Path Goal Start Water Job Well:Station Marauder Mill at 10,176,15

after that the game starts lag pretty much
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child of 0000996new  Wounded Elf trader steals soap 
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Now the demons and forgotten beasts are trying to clean themselves. Looks like the problem is universal.

Whats next, vermin trying to clean themselves and failing?

I'd call it a duplicate, but every report up til now that I've seen are either dwarves, animals belonging to the fort (dogs and cats most noticeably), sometimes traders, and a few about snatchers.
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Related to 0000996
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I have seen this kind of thing as well, though in this case it was an unseen bat woman in a cave. I guess they had a fight with giant moles that kept stealing their food.