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0001750: Rain falling on bridges does not clean off blood.
My fortress has a massive blood problem, namely that it is everywhere. After a passing storm I noticed that my constructions outside had all been cleaned... except the bridges. Wall, floor, ramp, fortification and stair tiles were all cleaned of all the blood on them as soon as hit with a drop of rain, my bridges are covered with 2 pages worth of blood though. Raising and lowering them doesn't change anything, they have been in both positions during a storm.
Build bridge outside, cover it with blood and wait for some rain.
Maydays .03.
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has duplicate 0008282resolved Knight Otu Bridges protect contaminants from rain, but don't protect creatures from contaminants 
related to 0000167confirmed Footkerchief Spatter changes color of unfinished buildings/constructions 
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Looks like I borked the category. Is there a way to edit a report? Anyway, its a fortress issue not adventure mode.
2010-05-05 02:28   
I changed the category to Contaminants/Spatter.
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bridges huh? that's an interesting twist. I had already confirmed that water doesn't really remove blood, it either pushes it around, or worse clones it creating a lot more blood in a hurry.

haven't fooled with bridges and blood yet though.
Dame de la Licorne   
2010-09-26 12:09   
(edited on: 2010-09-26 13:54)
I can confirm that this still happens in 31.12.

In addition, I've noticed that the bridge tiles on solid land (for a raising drawbridge) WILL get cleaned in a rainstorm (as long as there is nothing above them), but the bridge tiles over a pit will NOT get cleaned. Instead, I've noticed that the raindrops appear to bypass the bridge completely and I've seen them land on the pit floor directly beneath the bridge; this occurs regardless of the position of the bridge (raised vs. lowered). So, it looks like even when the bridge is lowered, it isn't really there, at least as far as rain is concerned.

2010-09-26 18:29   
This rain behavior is contrary to 40d. Previously, if you embarked on a hot climate, you could build a bridge over a pond and the water would neither evaporate or fill up with water, no mater what position the bridge was actually in. I should check and see if the situation is the same now. It seems like what you are saying is different.
Dame de la Licorne   
2010-09-27 18:51   
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Completely by accident, I seem to have found a way to clean the "over-pit" bridge tiles. My moat flooded while I wasn't paying attention, and when the water receded I noticed that several (but not all) of the previously bloody/gory/mucky bridge tiles are now clean. Is that reproducible for anyone else?

2013-04-10 11:28   
Still happens in 0.34.11.

As a workaround, I have resorted to DFHack's spotclean utility to clean bridges built above open spaces.

Also, contaminants can even spread to Open Space tiles next to a bridge!