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0001825Dwarf FortressArenapublic2010-05-10 11:282012-01-22 08:00
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0001825: Zombies are "burning alive"
When controlling a zombie submerged in lave in Arena mode I continiously get (among others) the message: "you are burning alive". Since zombies are clearly not alive, this seems wrong.
Drop a zombie in magma and take control of him.
magma, Undeath
related to 0000307new  No announcements for blistering/charring, and other fire-related problems 
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2010-05-10 16:45   
Perhaps the sensation of warmth is making it feel alive?
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2010-05-11 00:33   
I just got the messsage "you are burning to death". Ironically: the magma isn't even deadly for them, it just burns them horribly.