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0001854Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Jobs, Fishingpublic2010-05-13 06:562016-03-27 22:10
0001854: if cavern pool has no fish, fishers never give up trying to fish there.
This is really minor, and resolved by toady fixing 0000232.

If you designate an underground lake as a fishing zone, the fishers will go over and try to fish it. When they catch nothing the log says 'There is nothing to catch in the <LOCATION> cavern.' However, unlike surface fishing zones and artificial cisterns, the fishers will never give up. The zone always says there's [SQUARES] possible fishing space, and the fishers will just sit there fishing, catching nothing, and spamming the log.
1) find an underground fish free cavern pool
2) designate it as a fishing zone
3) watch fishers
for a 'Workaround,' don't designate underground cavern lakes as fishing zones unless there's fish! (I've never once had fish in my caverns).
Cave, cavern, fish, zone
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2010-06-19 20:56   
As of .08 dwarves will continue to try to fish in caverns even after reporting no fish. Also as of .08, I have never caught anything in a cavern ever.
2010-06-20 03:07   
I have never caught a fish in a cavern either - usually (but not always) turtles from pools, and various fish (always) from rivers.
2010-07-24 10:28   
Looking at the populations of a freshly created world, the fact that I've never caught cave lobsters or cave fish may have something to do with the fact that there are only around 58,000 of each on the entire planet. Surface fish, on the other hand, have populations measuring in the millions.

Vermin populations for the underground are really low in general, actually. None of them in this world have broken 60k.
2011-09-08 20:56   
(edited on: 2011-09-08 21:36)
Re: the workaround, you need to not designate underground zones *and* set zone-only fishing (o-z-f).

2016-03-27 22:10   
This appears to be fixed, dwarfs ran out of fish to catch so they have stopped fishing.