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0001856: Despite having access to magma, mood dwarf refuses to use Magma Glass furnace, requires Glass Furnace
I didn't have a glass furnace at the time the dwarf went moody, but constructed a magma glass furnace immediately(I already had magma smelters and forges). Then I built every other kind of workshop there is before coming back around to regular glass furnace(dwarf was an immigrant with all craft skills). I read in the forums someone said the same thing happened to him with a forge/magma forge.
very hard...
1) hit magma
2) have a glassmaker or smelter or smith mood dwarf
3) dwarf will sometimes refuse to use magma building, requiring the regular version
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duplicate of 0000285resolved Toady One Moody dwarves won't use magma forges (or magma glass furnaces), insist on non-magma ones 
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Yup, this is an old one:

# 000765 □ [dwarf mode][moods] (http://www.bay12forums.com/smf/index.php?topic=8216.0 [^]) glass mood dwarf only accepted a regular glass furnace built after the fact, instead of one of the 6 magma glass furnaces that were there (other furnace types as well)
2010-05-13 10:18   
Huhn, I never encountered that in 40d.
2010-05-13 11:50   
I've seen this in the older versions. Sometimes dwarves are picky about what type of forge/glass furnace they use. Sometimes they want a magma one, other times they want a regular one.
2010-05-13 14:09   
I ran into this all the time in 40d, and *only* with glassmakers - metalworkers were always content to use a magma forge.
2010-06-03 05:26   
still existant with 31.04
2010-10-02 15:14   
two glass moods have refused magma glass furnaces. After the first one i deconstructed it, and my second mood is refusing the magma furnaces as well. this is .14
2010-11-25 13:28   
Still in .18.