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0001941: Unconcious dwarf in hospital has "soldier" as status and isn't being healed
I have a dwarf, injured in a sparring accident I think, lying in bed in a hospital, unconscious. She has her status as "soldier" instead of "rest". She needs diagnosing but it is not being done. I have an idle dwarf with diagnosis enabled. There is no job listed on the jobs screen for performing the diagnosis. Her wound is still bleeding.
I can upload a save if needed.
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2010-05-18 06:11   
Have you tried removing the bed?
2010-05-18 06:14   
Yes, she just got moved to the next bed. Other than that, no change.
2010-05-18 15:34   
Was the soldier interrupted from resting? Or is his/her squad leader injured as well?

I encountered something very similar to this in 0001061.

2010-05-19 07:20   
I have no idea if they were interrupted at one point, but no-one's being continuously interrupted now, like in that bug.

The squad leader may be injured, I'll check that later.
2010-05-24 05:59   
The squad leader was injured, but now only has scars. He was stuck in the hospital due to the "can't treat already healed wounds" bug until .4, but he's ok now, and is currently sparring in the barracks...
2012-04-28 02:15   
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I've got this exact issue now on v34.07. I've got a "Captain of the guard" that was harmed during a siege (still going on) and when I remove the beds and even move the hospital zone underground they do move them but then I get the messages:
<soldier dwarf>... cancels Rest: Interrupted by Goblin Lasher
<medical dwarf>... cancels Diagnose Patient: Patient not resting

Soldier Dwarf's job is listed as "Soldier" instead of rest. I can provide a save if you want it. I'll wait until the siege is over and see if that fixes it. If not I'll try re-injuring.

Update: When the siege was over this soldier dwarf just expired and left a corpse. I also didn't receive any alert stating what killed him, but he was in bed when he died. Maybe somehow he was supposed to have died in battle but was rescued and just didn't actually expire because he was supposed to be still "fighting". Pretty odd.

2012-05-06 20:04   
(edited on: 2012-05-11 13:10)
This happened to me as well in 34.07, twice, both times in the same fortress. In both cases the squad in question had been stationed before the injuries occurred. They also took heavy losses.

I don't really remember all the details, I'm afraid- it happened a couple of days ago. But the first case was my captain of the guard, and in the second case it was two soldiers at the same time. Other soldiers were injured at the same time and did not experience this problem, but I don't know whether they were from the same squad.

One of my squads was equipped with crossbows and some copper armor, the other with copper axes and some copper armor. The crossbow squad is my fortress guard, and I'm pretty sure all the dwarves affected by this were members of that squad, although I can't be 100% certain.

All of the dwarves in question eventually died, and never sought treatment. I tried removing the beds, I canceled the station order, I removed my hospital zone, and I kicked them out of the squad. Nothing helped. When I removed the beds, they were moved to other beds, but retained their "soldier" status (it might have changed to "cannot follow order", or whatever that status is- I'm pretty sure it switched back and forth, but I don't remember when, or for whom).

One of them was tagged as "cannot breathe" and "winded" for a very long time, although I'm pretty sure he was only wounded in one lung. I've survived that in adventure mode before. I believe he was also still bleeding heavily long after the fight, and I was surprised that he hadn't bled out, especially considering his many horrific injuries (I no longer remember what most of them were). This was the marksdwarf from the second incident.

Hope that's helpful.

EDIT: Happened again. This time it was an axedwarf who lost the use of his legs. He lay in the field marked as "station", until I canceled the squads orders. Now he's marked as "soldier (no activity).

Re-EDIT: He later lost his drafted status and became a pump operator, and was marked "no job". Eventually I guess he worked it out, because he's now resting in the hospital like a normal, sensible, permanently crippled soldier.

2012-06-01 02:16   
(edited on: 2012-06-01 02:51)
I had the same problem. But soon after the "Soldier (no activity)" status was replaced with no job. I was able to get it fixed tho. First I tried the following:
canceled the station order for the hurt dwarfs team,
I removed him from the military,
I also tried to set a doctor to only have doctor duties no hauling or anything else,
and I made a hospital (there wasn't one when the dwarf was first wounded.)

None of these worked when I loaded the game I had a few more idea to try out:
I set the dwarfs location to be in my main burrow,
I put a hospital zone on top of him, and these didn't seem to work (but I didn't give it much time at all,)

so then I noticed that a different dwarf in a different team neither dwarfs captains, the only thing in common is that they were stationed at the same point during the battle, had the "Soldier (no activity)" status so I removed him from the military and I set the wounded dwarf to have no jobs at all.

A few seconds later my wounded dwarf was recovered! I don't know what combo of things did it but he was sitting there for a whole season before I tried these last three things.