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0001960Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Interface, Building Constructionpublic2010-05-18 18:502015-01-19 16:03
Toady One 
MacOS X10.4.11
0001960: hotkey jumps after selecting build
When you select build, if you then use a hotkey to move, when you then select an item to place you jump back to where you left from.
Make sure you have something buildable (door or bed or something)
Set two hotkeys
Go to hotkey 1
hit b
Go to hotkey 2
hit b or d or whatever to build
At this point it should jump you back to hotkey 1
I have tested across games using beds and doors.
related to 0001961resolved Footkerchief Cannot use hotkeys while doing other things 
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2015-01-16 11:55   
Tested in DF 0.40.23
It doesn't behave as described in the 'Steps to reproduce'.

* Set two hotkeys
* Go to hotkey 1
* hit b
* Go to hotkey 2 (nothing happens)
* hit b or d or whatever to build
2015-01-19 16:03   
Thanks! (It is still possible to jump to a hotkey when selecting a build position, but the position is retained after exiting the build menu.)