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0000197Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Tradepublic2010-04-02 16:332014-01-17 10:03
Toady One 
0000197: No wagons in trader/merchant caravans
On the second year, it seems the dwarven caravan never brings any wagons.
My trade depot is fully accessible.

I'm not sure about the first year caravan since I haven't had a good look at that yet.
I also haven't reached a third year yet.
I have a save where the depot is clearly accessible and dwarven traders have arrived without a caravan.
binary patch, trade, wagon
related to 0000545resolved Footkerchief NO dwarven caravans! 
has duplicate 0000660resolved Dwarfu No trade caravan wagons 
related to 0003392confirmed Footkerchief Trade capacities are way too high 
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2010-04-03 12:02   
I have never seen caravans arrive with wagons. My current save doesn't have access to elven or human civs, but my prior one did, and not only would the dwarves not bring wagons, neither would the humans, and they only brought a few burden beasts each, resulting in pathetic selection.
2010-04-03 14:25   
My first-year caravan did not bring those big wagons they used to bring in older versions, instead they brought those 1-tile carriages and happily walked down stairs straight to my depot. They had almost nothing to trade.
2010-04-03 18:26   
The dwarves in my first year also did not bring wagons.
2010-04-11 08:12   
My impression was that the selection is just as big as it was in 40d, elves bring even much more.

But yeah, no wagons at all, no note about bypassing, and my site/depot is accessible from at least 3 directions
2010-04-26 11:12   
Maybe it has something to do with the fact that some of the trade animals are missing the wagon puller tag?

I bet theres a quick fix here.

2010-04-26 20:13   
(edited on: 2010-04-26 20:14)
Just tested by adding [WAGON_PULLER] to horses, genning a new world, and starting a fort. The dwarven traders showed up at autumn with a horse.. but no wagon, despite horses being able to pull them (and the dwarves obviously having horses).

So... it's a fix that probably needs to be made, but it doesn't fix the problem of no wagons.

2010-04-26 21:11   
(edited on: 2010-04-26 21:12)
I'm not sure the dwarves should necessarily bring a wagon right away. You might have to give them some profits first.

2010-04-26 21:13   
Dang, I thought it might be a quick fix myself, so its bigger than just the wagon puller tag issue.

The missing wagon puller tags on some animals is a bug in itself, but apparently not the root of the problem. Not that the infinite capacity warthogs are helping anything.
Knight Otu   
2010-04-29 05:09   
Yeah, I had the same conclusion at 0000660 - wagonpuller apparently isn't sufficient to get wagons.

Hm, actually, it seems I didn't add that conclusion there.
2010-04-29 06:34   
(edited on: 2010-04-29 06:42)
As footkerchief said, try giving the traders good profits for a few years. That seems to help with the quantity and selection of goods. Obscene giveaways are a surefire way to motivate traders.

EDIT: Which of the raws did you add [WAGON_PULLER] to?

Knight Otu   
2010-04-29 10:14   
I'm not sure what smjjames did, but I had it on horses and a modded creature. I think at some point I added it to donkeys and mules as well
2010-07-23 06:12   
The summary of this issue should really be just "caravans bring no wagons", the only reason I put "second year" originally was that I never noticed whether the first year caravan had brought any wagons when I played my first 0.31.01 game ;)
Malibu Stacey   
2010-09-27 15:16   
This still exists in 31.14. Played 3 years of a new region generated in this version, Dwarves & Humans have been to my fort to trade & left with a good profit each year. Each year more pack animals come with the traders with more stuff to trade but still no wagons/carts/caravans show up with them.
Dame de la Licorne   
2010-09-27 18:58   
Have you tried building roads?

I remember back in the 2D version, the humans wouldn't bring wagons until you'd built a road and smoothed all of the boulders and "rough" floors. However, the first dwarven caravan would warn you about that when they left in the first autumn.
Malibu Stacey   
2010-09-28 05:53   
Will give it a shot when I get home this evening. Have a lovely new region generated with a 6*6 embark saved for actual play rather than bug testing which is a prime candidate to see if this makes a difference.
2010-09-28 09:51   
Roads haven't made a difference since the first 3D version (when the Shift+D command became available for highlighting wagon-accessible paths). If roads were the problem, we'd be seeing "Their wagons have bypassed your inaccessible site" when the caravan arrived at the map edge, but we're not, because they aren't even trying to bring them.
Dame de la Licorne   
2010-09-28 10:07   
I figured, but it was worth a shot.
2010-10-10 11:45   
No Wagons Ho in 31.16 either.
2010-10-11 05:54   
wagons do need slopes, you know that right?
2010-10-13 11:14   
lopen139: What exactly does that have to do with anything? As stated already, caravans aren't even trying to bring wagons - if wagon-accessible paths (which allow ramps but do not explicitly require them) were the only problem, we'd be getting announcements that "Their wagons have bypassed your inaccessible site."
2010-12-08 07:32   
Please note Toady's comments:

"...since I'm not sure we'll have wagons/carts until we get around to the big vehicle rewrites now, or maybe even the road stuff as well."

http://www.bay12forums.com/smf/index.php?topic=60554.msg1776138#msg1776138 [^]
2011-12-30 14:22   
I can confirm that the reason wagons are not showing up is because the game is failing to mark them as being available to the relevant civilizations - by doing some memory hacking to make them available (finding the appropriate entity record, locating the arrays which list the creature/caste combinations usable for wagons and wagon pullers, then using DFHack to insert appropriate values), I successfully got a Human caravan to arrive with 4 fully functional wagons, each pulled by a pair of horses and driven by a Human Merchant.
2012-01-18 09:57   
(edited on: 2012-01-18 12:10)
I dug a bit deeper into the code, and I found that creatures with flag 0 are being unconditionally rejected as "available creatures", just in between the checks for [EVIL] (when [USE_EVIL_ANIMALS] is not present in the entity) and [BIOME:SUBTERRANEAN_LAVA]/[FANCIFUL], and the creature token [EQUIPMENT_WAGON] always sets flag 0 along with flag 1 (where 1=EQUIPMENT_WAGON, 2=MUNDANE, 3=VERMIN_EATER, 4=VERMIN_GROUNDER, etc.).

The following binary patch for Win32 version 0.31.25 SDL should resolve this issue for newly generated worlds:
1AF1E1 : B2 0E -> 00 00 - disable the "ignore creatures with flag 0 set" check.

2012-02-01 14:03   
Binary patch for version 0.31.25 Linux: (untested)
2AD042 : 0F 84 -> 90 E9
Toady One   
2012-02-16 16:49   
The wagons come again in the next one. Thanks Quietust!