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0000199Dwarf FortressTypos/Grammarpublic2010-04-02 16:502014-01-17 10:39
Toady One 
0000199: Manual still mentions "large expeditionary force" for reclaiming fortress
Possibly a feature, but if so, conflicts with The Manual.

When reclaiming, one is presented with only seven dwarves, as though it were a normal embark, unlike previous versions, which gave you several squads of soldiers. Indeed, the manual reads 'You'll have a large expeditionary force'.
Embark normally. Have all your dwarves jump into a volcano or something. Start a new game and [R]eclaim. Select 'Prepare for the journey carefully'. The old version will show dwarves with military skills, arranged into colour coded groups, whereas the new will behave as though it were a not a reclaimation.
embark, Probable Quick Fix, reclaim
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2010-04-02 17:00   
Dev notes for 03/18/2010 address this. Reclaim is civilian now.

"I also ended up making reclaim civilian, at least for now, since there were too many issues with starting out a bunch of pre-made squads."
2010-04-02 18:07   
Ah. The manual may need updating, then.