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0002071: Military dwarf with both hands injured spamming cancels pick up equipment: Too Injured
While not gamebreaking, but annoying as hell when you've a dwarf with injured hands. In my case, the dwarf has lost one hand and yellow damage on the remaining hand. Since he's been doing Invidual Combat Drain, he doesn't stop with the spam. I even unassigned his weapons (Yes, even waited for the arsenal dwarf to make the changes), but no the dwarf just keeps on spamming.

He has probably grown attached to that axe there.
Not sure if the spam is related to occassional crashes I seem to get.
1) Get a dwarf do Invidual Combat Drill
2) Injure his hands enough so he can't pick anything up
3) Watch the spam.
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duplicate of 0000306resolved Toady One Injured soldier tries to pick up equipment with broken arms- message spam 
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