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0002123Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Interface, Unit Viewpublic2010-06-01 09:262014-07-18 07:59
Toady One 
x86MS Windows XPSP3
0002123: Job Labour Assignments remembering sub-category instead
In the labour selection menu for a dwarf, when you select one labour category to see the sub-category of labours the game remembers that position. Then when you press <ESC> to go back to the labour selection menu, it instead selects the menu position of the sub-category labour, not the category labour.
1: [V]iew a dwarf
2: Select their [p]references, and then [l]abour
3: Mining is the first menu selection
4: Move down to Farming/Related using [+]
5: Press <enter> to select that sub-category
6: Butchery is now, correctly, selected
7: Move down to Farming using [+]
8: Press <esc> to return to the labour category menu
9: Notice that Farming was the 3rd option in the sub-category menu. Now that you have moved back to the labour category menu, the 3rd option is selected: stoneworking.

In step 7 if you instead select Milking (14th) or Cooking (15th) option, after you return to the labour category menu the 14th or 15th labour option is selected. However, the labour menu is empty in the 14th and 15th position and pressing enter at this point produces a crash to desktop as no labour has been selected.

Moving from the 14th or 15th option in the labour menu will correctly return to the top or bottom of the list (1st or 13th option).
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has duplicate 0000055resolved Footkerchief VPL labor categories doesn't "remember" your position 
has duplicate 0002052closed Footkerchief when assigning labors in dwarf mode get a CTD 
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This issue is related to 0000055 so whoever can create that relationship please do so.
2014-07-17 23:06   
I checked this again in version 0.40.03 and I could not reproduce it. The bug seems to be resolved. The new behavior (for those who care) is that when changing between categories and sub-categories the cursor is always at the first entry. So, the labor category position isn't remembered, but no crash or strange behavior occurs.

This may have been resolved earlier, but it's definitely resolved now.
2014-07-18 07:59   
Thanks! Please PM me on the forums if that turns out not to be the case.