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Jiri Petru 
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0002139: (Fell) moods can be interrupted by drafting
A dwarf of mine got a fell mood, dragged another dwarf to a Tannery and murdered him. The game paused with the message: Urist was murdered, etc.

At this moment and (!) without unpausing (!) I decided to activate my military, because I needed them somewhere. Unfortunately the dwarf in the fell mood was in the military too, and got activated (changed his icon from a civilian to a soldier). This was strange because I thought moody dwarves can't be drafted.

The dwarf, drafted as a soldier, then continued to stand in the tannery without doing anything. Haulers came and took the unbutchered corpse of the murdered dwarf away. The moody murdered remained in the tannery without any materials. I undrafted him to see if it would help, but it didn't. He went back to civilian but continued to do nothing. Eventually he went insane.

I can't tell what the exact problem is, and it's extremely hard to reproduce a fell mood. Some guesses:
1) Fell moods are bugged and simply do not work
2) Activating a dwarf breaks the (fell) mood
3) Activating a dwarf exactly in the second (game step) after he murdered a victim but before he started working breaks the fell mood

Or something along the lines. It would help if other players who experienced fell moods wrote whether it worked or not.
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I had a successful fell mood or two, so I don't think they are broken in general.

This leaves 2), 3) or a combination thereof.