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0002241Dwarf FortressWorld Generation -- Generalpublic2010-06-09 23:552012-06-03 18:45
Toady One 
PCWindows 764-bit
0002241: Command line option issues
When using command line option to generate world, it does not get automatically accepted like it did in 31.03 and older. This prevents creation of multiple worlds automatically in succession using bat-files.

Also, when it stops in the screen where you can either accept or abort, aborting causes map and data to be exported and world to be saved, like it should do automatically. Pressing Enter to accept does the same.
Browse to DF-folder in cmd.exe, enter command:
"Dwarf Fortress.exe" -gen [N] RANDOM TINY
where [N] is any free region number.
Old info in command line.txt seems to be reported already.
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has duplicate 0003010resolved Footkerchief Command line mode requires interaction 
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2010-06-11 02:56   
(edited on: 2010-06-11 03:00)
Actually, it might be that pressing any key causes the data to be exported and world to be saved. I just generated world using command line and was about to explore it using the map in accept/abort-view, when it suddenly started exporting graphic map. I'm fairly certain I pressed neither a nor enter, but shift + numpad 8.

2010-06-23 09:53   
Even though I used SDL version specific command in "Steps To Reproduce", same behavior seems to happen in legacy.
2010-06-23 11:53   
Ah, okay, thanks.