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0002262Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Jobs, Cancellation and Suspensionpublic2010-06-10 14:302014-08-20 16:25
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0002262: Dwarves cancel repeating workshop job when assigned to a burrow not containing materials
One of my miners/masons was working in the mason's workshop on a repeating create rock blocks job and I needed him to dig out a very specific square. I made a new, very small burrow containing that square and the immediate area around it (no materials or workshops there) and assigned him to it, expecting him to leave the mason's workshop and dig out the square, leaving the repeating job in there.

Instead he canceled the repeating job with "Needs non-economic rock" and went to dig out the square. Presumably because the burrow contains no materials as the fortress as a whole contains plenty of rock.
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The significant issue there is probably that dwarves are cancelling tasks in workshops that are outside of their assigned burrow, if the burrow is assigned to them while they're standing in it. Ideally, the dwarf would immediately forget about the workshop and move to the burrow.

If the mason's workshop was actually inside the burrow, cancelling the task would be more reasonable, since the workshop still falls within the dwarf's jurisdiction.

How do cancellations work, anyway? Do they have to be manually done by a dwarf, or will the workshops cancel tasks on their own?
2010-06-10 22:34   
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I think they have to be assigned to a dwarf and the dwarf has to cancel it for whatever reason. At least that is how smelting jobs are canceled.

In your case, is it possible that the dwarf was assigned the job when you assigned him to the burrow? Then, he realized that there wasn't any rock in his burrow so he canceled the job?

2010-07-03 05:47   
Yeah, he had been working on that job for a while (it was a repeating job)
2014-08-20 15:22   
Can Confirm for 0.40.09

set make rock mechanisms to repeat. Once Mechanic leaves workshop to get some stone, assigned him to burrow without stone and job got cancelled.

Does not get cancelled if mechanic is hauling stone, busy making the mechanisms or if mechanic is getting something to drink.