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0002291Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Interface, Unit Viewpublic2010-06-12 12:152014-07-24 20:41
Toady One 
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0002291: Deceased creatures in unexplored underground layers visible in unit view
In the 'u'-key unit view screen in Dwarf Mode, creatures that have died are sometimes visible even if they are in unexplored layers of the underground that have not been even breached yet. In my current game, I have a group of deceased Ant Men visible in the list. I can zoom in on them through the Stocks screen (a separate bug), and this action places the cursor into a layer deep underground.
Holdover from 40d?, old bug?
has duplicate 0002340resolved Footkerchief Dead antmen show up in units list, never met them 
child of 0000010resolved Toady One Unrevealed underground civs/items/buildings/events show up in Stocks/Rooms, mess up wealth count, etc 
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Its actually an old bug as the same thing happens with short lived creatures in chasms/bottomless pits and any UG river creatures that fall into the mini-bottomless pit at the end of the river.