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0002328: Crash when looking into dwarf's mind
Yesterday I experienced a crash while I was trying to read a dwarf's mind, e.g. looking at his thoughts.
Don't know... haven't tried to reproduce yet. Hadn't got the time.
He was a miner. I designated a mine shaft to be dug out (down stairs, up/down stairs, up/down stairs and so on to a level far beneath the surface). He only dug one level and stopped working. Looking at the job list he had No Job assigned. I wanted to know what might have caused that by taking a look into his brain and the game crashed.
duplicate of 0002215resolved Toady One Viewing a dwarf's Thoughts and Preferences causes a crash when viewed with the window maximized 
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What screen resolution and tile size are you using? If the game window is more than 200 tiles wide, it'll crash on that screen -- see 0002215.
2010-06-15 08:52   
Ah, okay. I don't know exactly what resolution I use but it's definitely wider than 200 tiles. So that's indeed related to 0000726. But it's strange. How can a crash appearing in a certain in-game situation be related to the screen resolution? Shouldn't these two things be totally independent? Well... who am I to think about Toady's programming skills. :)
2010-06-15 08:58   
(edited on: 2010-06-15 09:00)
The menus are supposed to limit themselves to 200 tiles, but some of them evidently failed to enforce this, instead depending on another part of the program to enforce it. In the pre-SDL versions it was enforced by the init parser, I think, but the new auto-resizing circumvents that, so there were no safeguards. Most likely this caused an array-out-of-bounds crash.

Anyway, as noted at 0002215, it should be fixed for the upcoming release.