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Toady One 
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0002341: Elite weapon user professions not race-corrected in some Adv. Mode menus
During a visit to some Dwarven mountain halls (suspiciously small due to 0000032), I encountered an Elite Marksdwarf; upon using [k]/[l], though, it identified him as a "Dwarf Elite Crossbowman" rather than as an Elite Marksdwarf. A nearby non-elite was labeled as a "Dwarf Marksdwarf".

Only tested in Adventurer mode - may work differently in Fortress mode.
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related to 0002938resolved Toady One Elite Crossbowman referred to as Wrestler 
parent of 0002934resolved Toady One Skilled marksdwarves are titled "Elite Crossbowman" rather than "Crossbowdwarf" 
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Also shows up this way in conversations, as well as when viewing owned items.