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0002342Dwarf FortressGeneralpublic2010-06-15 11:412010-06-15 12:12
0002342: You can make all weapons&armor from 'native' ores in the arena, and I think there could be a relationship with the rock bars bug
This is part bug report and part insightful thinking and part bug relationship idea here from me, so...

I looked around and didn't see any bug report relating to what I see in the arena, so I decided to put this up. This bug doesn't include metals that normally can't be used for weapons or armor (like pig iron), so I'll leave it up to Toady whether that part is intentional. Legit bug aside, I've noticed this since .31 was released and since I've heard about the rock bars bug, I've had a thought, what if this is indirectly related to the rock bars bug.

Think for a moment here, I know there is a bug report around that says some native ore has the SHARP tag, but in the arena, all 'native' ores (including raw adamantine and slade, but those two are in a whole different category) can be made into both blunt and sharp weapons, not to mention the armors. Normally when you smelt bars, you wouldn't see the bars being called native aluminum, just aluminum. Meanwhile, the smelter screen says smelt native gold ore or whatever.

It's been so long since I've played a real DF game that I'm not exactly sure what I'm talking about here, but I feel like there is some sort of connection between the two bugs that I'm seeing here. So, really, the game could be getting confused with native ores as a metal and not a rock, or something.
Go to arena, go to creature placement, look at the weapons and stuff.
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duplicate of 0000823resolved Toady One "Native" ores use METAL_TEMPLATE, can supposedly be used for "sharp blades" and studding (doesn't work) 
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This is one of the ramifications of 0000823, and it was already specifically mentioned at 0000823:0002185. 0000823 also already has a relationship to 0000099, the "rock bars" bug.