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0002390Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Militarypublic2010-06-19 21:092010-06-20 01:02
0002390: Squad not attacking when told to
I have a goblin ambush, so i assign 2 squads to Kill the goblins using the kill command. One squad goes the other is moving in seemingly random directions. That one squad died btw. So later a farmer goes insane because I couldn't supply silk, and i told my squad to kill him and they are just sitting the barracks chilling, while the farmer rampages through my fortress.
Basically having my squad use the kill command, or defend burrow order.
I have no mods, and I have a graphics set.
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duplicate of 0000481acknowledged Toady One Kill/attack commands/orders don't work 
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Yeah, thats a known bug, 0000481