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0002398Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Jobs, Equipmentpublic2010-06-20 10:332010-06-20 10:51
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0002398: Dwarf cancels Pickup Equipment: Too injured
One of the military dwarves got whipped pretty badly during an ambush, and as a result lost all ability to grab. Needless to say, I let him off all military duty. However, he is still tasked with "Go to Individual Combat Drill", and keeps trying to pick up equipment, resulting in the above message (oddly enough while standing in the food stockpile with no equipment around). After failing, he keeps trying, resulting in a pretty horrible message spam.
I would assume this:

1: Take one military dwarf.
2: Beat him until he can't grasp no more
3: Watch
Equipment, grasp, Military, wound
duplicate of 0000306resolved Toady One Injured soldier tries to pick up equipment with broken arms- message spam 
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I should also mention that he was diagnosed but got no treatments scheduled, despite several fractures on both hands as well as a torn open heart.
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Hi there, thanks for the bug report. This is a duplicate of bug 0000306, so if you have a save to contribute or any information that isn't contained in its contents, I encourage you to submit that save or info in a comment on 0000306.