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0002405: With temperature off, magma burns items, but not creatures
Two goblins are inside a pit with 6/7 magma and simply don't die!
This fortress was reclaimed once. When I embarked, the previous invaders turned friendly. I built an entrance with 3 bridges over a lava pit, and managed to trap 2 of them there, but they weren't harmed even after some years inside the lava. When the first siege came, they turned hostile, but still unharmed.

Earlier, I accidentally dropped one of my dwarf in the same pit and I thought that he would die instantly. Instead, he suffered lots of bone breaks. When I noticed that he was surviving, I managed to empty the pit, build a stair and rescue the poor fellow, badly broken but still alive.

Expected result: I expected them to burn almost instantly!

Here is a link to the savegame: http://dffd.wimbli.com/file.php?id=2557 [^]
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Was temperature turned off, perhaps?
2010-06-21 10:31   
Indeed, temperature is off. Does it have anything to do with it?
Because magma is still able to burn cloth and wood itens.
2010-06-21 19:55   
Update: activating temperature killed them instantly in a could of smoke! Cool!
2010-06-22 01:23   
TBH the unexpect behaviour hear is that the inanimate object where still afected by the heat not that the goblins wern't temperate off means lava is effectivly undrinkable water.