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0002515Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Jobs, Healthcarepublic2010-06-29 14:072015-03-29 08:08
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0002515: Injured dwarf goes on break, is no longer being treated during or afterwards
A heavily injured dwarf of mine, with torn muscles in the head, both legs, a smashed upper right leg bone, and a smashed finger was in the hospital being treated. He is diagnosed and cleaned before going on break. When he does, my Chief medical dwarf immediately stops suturing, and any further treatments are canceled.

After the injured dwarf gets off break, my CMD won't do anything to help him. He won't continue treating the dwarf or even re-diagnose him. The injured dwarf is now attending parties, drinking, etc. Refuses to go back to the hospital.
CMD is only skilled in diagnosis, no other medical skills.
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I've never seen an injured dwarf with untreated wounds go on break in DF 2014. Anybody else?