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0002531Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Jobs, Item Improvements/Decorationspublic2010-06-30 21:512010-06-30 22:24
MacOS X10.6.3
0002531: Dwarf uses stack instead of single item for item improvements
When improving items a dwarf seems to use all the items in a stack. It doesn't seem to take him any longer to encrust a stack of 48 hydra bones than 4 hoary marmot bones into an object, and the price seems comparable, which strikes me as a huge waste of the hydra bone (or any other bone, although other bones are easier to come by.)

This happens for other types of item improvements, although gems don't come in stacks so it isn't apparent with them.
Have a stack of items to be encrusted (probably bone)
Encrust the items
I believe the intended behavior is to use the item one at a time, or at least have some way of breaking up the stacks so I can easier designate what gets encrusted.
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duplicate of 0002011resolved Toady One Decorating with bone/horn uses whole stack 
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