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0002537: Producing silver goblets gives me iron goblets
From what I've gathered, this was an issued that was apparently resolved, but it seems to have cropped up again for me. I create a work order for silver goblets, and silver bars are used up, but iron goblets are produced. I am using DF 0.31.08 prepackaged with the Ironhand 0.41 tileset, as well as Dwarf Therapist.

I tried again on a test embark to see if I could reproduce it, but I had a hard time finding silver, so I tried gold. Work orders for gold goblets used gold bars and produced gold goblets as expected. Once I found silver, I tried silver goblets, which used silver bars, *but* produced gold goblets. So something is still messed up there.
On a fresh embark,

1. Produce non-silver goblet (or perhaps any non-silver metal object).

2. Attempt to produce silver goblet.
I can provide saves if you need them.
Goblet, metal, silver
duplicate of 0000093resolved Toady One Flasks/waterskins/goblets made of wrong material (non-magma forges only?) 
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0000093 (duplicate of one of its children).
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It's not fixed, but it is a duplicate - that would result in the bug showing as resolved, so that might be where you thought it was "fixed" from.