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0002556Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Interface, Statuspublic2010-07-03 20:092015-01-06 12:05
Toady One 
0002556: Pain is listed twice on health screen.
On the health menu for are icons for pain, my dwarf has Pb! (extreme pain) and yet also has Pn~ minor pain. Mow check this out, there are two sets for pain kinda. like one is Pn~ slight pain Pn+ moderate pain PN! extreme pain, Now after that on another key theres Pb~ Minor pain Pb+ and PB! extreme pain, whats up with that?
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2011-02-06 10:19   
Pb versions appear to be pain related to the "Part broken" tissue.

Since the Pn versions are listed with other states, perhaps it is general body pain (or from syndromes)...

Certainly needs some clarification.
2014-12-27 11:58   
Can confirm still present in 0.40.23, not sure if intentional.

There is the Pn pain grouped with fevers and exhaustion and you get the Pb pains grouped with tissue damage and swelling.
Toady One   
2015-01-06 12:05   
Yeah, one was overall pain sum (including syndromes) and the other was taking each tissue individually. I've clarified (somewhat).