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0002568Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Interface, Military Screenpublic2010-07-05 06:352015-12-27 18:57
Lord Herman 
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PCWindows Vista Home PremiumSP2
0002568: Dwarves already in squads still appear in the candidates list
In the military screen, the candidates list lists all dwarves, including those already in a squad. They are listed as their original professions, not their military role, so it's very hard to tell which dwarves can be recruited and which will just be transferred from another squad.
Go to the military screen, create a squad, add dwarves. Make a second squad, and the dwarves from the first squad appear in the candidates list.
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2010-07-05 06:45   
Note that dwarves already in the current squad do *not* appear in the list, so I think this may be deliberate so that you can swap dwarves between squads. (Not that that is a very common operation, admittedly)

I give my military dwarves custom professions for exactly this reason.
2010-07-16 21:39   
Dwarves already in a squad do not appear in the list of this same squad; but they indeed appear if you create a new squad, which makes it difficult to choose who goes where.

The list should only list dwarves which are not in the military at all, all squads included.

If you want to "swap" a dwarf from a squad to another (as Oliver suggest), it would be better to have to unassign this dwarf from the first squad, then reassign him to the new squad.

An alternate way would be to color differently the dwarves which are already in the military.
2010-07-16 23:21   
+1 for coloring them differently, was thinking about it too.
2010-07-17 01:24   
It does show the squad they're currently in on the top of the screen. (At least used to; haven't tried the very newest version).
2010-07-17 02:28   
Also make the cursor stay where it is when you select your squad.
It returns on top of the list everytime.
2015-12-27 18:57   
The screen alerts you to the fact they are in the other squad. Suggestions for changes can go in the suggestions forum.