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0002585Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Jobs, Healthcarepublic2010-07-07 12:132014-08-09 12:02
0002585: Injured soldiers stop resting when alert state changes
I've seen this quite often now. After a large battle, and I have several injured soldiers. They are then diagnosed and have treatment scheduled. Now that the battle is over, I need to set my alarms back to a non-emergency state so everyone can eat/sleep etc. As soon as I set the squad to a different alarm, every injured who can walk immediately jumps out of the hospital bed and goes on duty or individual training with smashed arms/noses whatever. These all usually die of infection later.

Removing them from the military just causes them to resume individual training until they die. There is nothing there to cause dwarves to re-rest after getting up.

Soldiers who can't walk continue to rest and usually are saved.
See description.
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I have a save at
http://dffd.wimbli.com/file.php?id=2638 [^]
which I believe is exhibiting this, but might also be bug 0002437.

The soldier in question is named Bomrek, and is in the microcline bedrooms to the northeast of the starting cursor (under a dog).
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Confirmed, in 0.31.10 my entire fortress guard is walking around with "broken" body parts, feeling faint, from wrestle sparring and fighting thieves. Flashing red crosses. Noone visits the hospital. I change my alarm state every time invaders show up. Afterwards they return to the barracks to attempt to train or collapse in bed.

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Aye, I've got this one too.
Wounded soldier was lying in a hospital bed getting attended to. Until his shift changed (or whatever you'd call it) by the schedule mechanism. He got up immediately and went off to do civilian things. The wounds are still there but tokens like 'feeling faint' are gone as are any medical jobs.

It looks more or less as if the military state change mechanism resets more tokens than it should.

Or, on second thought, maybe being relieved from duty cancels all jobs, including the 'lying still and getting healthcare done' one.