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Khym Chanur 
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0000263: No announcement when fat melts away
In the arena I set a magma man and a blizzard man to fighting, and after they duked it out for a while the fat was gone from every single body part of the blizzard man. I guess the magma man's body heat destroyed the blizzard man's fat, but the combat reports didn't mention anything about it.

Also, the blizzard man was burned in three places, but nothing about burns are mentioned in combat report.
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related to 0000307new  No announcements for blistering/charring, and other fire-related problems 
related to 0002676new  Fatty tissue has same melting point as rendered fat/tallow, which is far too low 
related to 0000012resolved Toady One No text/announcement for joint/limb breaks during wrestling 
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Khym Chanur   
2010-04-03 05:09   
Oops, the title should read "gives *no* messages"
2010-06-26 13:48   
In adventurer mode you get a "You are metling!" message when a tissue layer begins to melt.
2010-07-14 01:19   
I think this is true of most things caused by environmental effects, such as burn wounds, as well. I'm not sure that much of anything shows up in the combat logs except for things done by other creatures (and not even the indirect effects, like melting/burning), as well as death/unconsciousness/stun messages.