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0000272Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Interface, Building Constructionpublic2010-04-03 08:312010-06-09 06:47
i7 920windows 7 32bit
0000272: when building things underground after pathing issues over ramps the materials got negitive distances
after experance pathing issues with dwarves finding ramps unpassable i tired to get some of my dwarves already underground to build a ramp the materials list seemed to list anything on the underground side of the impassible ramp as having distinces such as -78620 after selecting on of these the a dwarf would then cancel the job with a pathing error
it only seemed to reproduce when i tried to build somthing in the underground after building ramps down that the dwarves refused to path over
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duplicate of 0000070closed Toady One Negative distance for building materials 
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