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0002730: Smelting job only designable from job manager menu
When I go over the smelter and press q-a to order limonite to be smelted, it says "no raw materials available etc etc". I do have limonite ore, so I ordered 5 ore to be smelted from the job manager. And it worked, as now they are smelting it. It can't be designated from the smelter itself.

Building a new smelter fixed the problem, so this is of very low priority. Just a minor annoyance. Now I have two smelters, one that only works from the job manager and another that works normally.
First time seeing this, seems to be quite rare. Haven't tried to reproduce.
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duplicate of 0000434resolved Toady One Reaction jobs (unlike other jobs) don't look outside burrow for workers and raw materials (works through manager) 
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Was the first smelter in a burrow? If so, you're experiencing 0000434.
2010-07-17 16:42   
In fact it is, yeah. Feel free to mark this as a dupe.