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0002750Dwarf FortressTechnical -- Renderingpublic2010-07-18 10:012012-04-02 12:10
0002750: Crash when zooming in Windowed mode (TrueType related)
In standard Windowed mode (with the SDL version), when i Roll up with the mouse to Unzoom to the maximum, the game crash
Just open the game in the windowed mode, go to the dwarf fortress mode and unzoom with a roll up until the game crash.
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2010-07-18 10:23   
Have you tried updating your graphics drivers?
2010-07-21 12:09   
not recently...
2010-07-21 13:20   
Reminder sent to: Darkomen

It would be helpful if you try updating your graphics drivers, and then let us know whether that fixed the problem.
2010-08-30 03:02   
I can confirm this is still an issue in 0.31.12. I have the latest nvidia drivers. I'm on Vista SP2.
2010-09-25 09:55   
Hey everyone, could you check if this occurs in the latest version? The report related to this one is pretty similar, and is apparently fixed now.
2010-10-12 19:55   
I tried zooming in and out a bit, but I sure stopped when zooming all the way out caused a crash. I'm running ATI Catalyst 10.9 on Windows XP. DF 31.16.
2011-07-31 12:11   
Hi everyone, is this still occurring in the latest version?

Additionally, is it resolved by disabling truetype?
2011-08-02 22:29   
Crash is still reproducible with 0.31.25 (NVIDIA 275.50 / Win7 64-bit).
I used a fresh install and enabled truetype.

Disabling truetype fixes the problem.
Zooming out in main menu does not crash the game, you actually have to be ingame.
2012-02-14 17:04   
Reminder sent to: Darkomen, Shrimp

Is this crash still present in the new version, 0.34.01?
2012-04-02 02:18   
Seems to be fixed in 0.34.07 (NVIDIA 295.73 / Win7 64-bit).
2012-04-02 12:10   
Okay. Please reopen this or PM me on the forums if the bug is still present.