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0002769: Dwarf got mood, used two piles of Elephant - 57 to put rings of bone and spikes of bone on item
Dwarf got mood, needed bone twice. Grabbed on Elephant 57 bone pile for first bone, then another Elephant 57 bone pile for the second bone need. Both piles of bone erroneously completely consumed. All other uses of bone simply subtract the amount of bone needed from the bone pile(s). Artifact creation is using it all.
Have a few bone piles sitting around (such as donkey 7). Get dwarf who has a mood and uses bone. Watch it use the whole pile to fill one material slot needed. If it needs more bone, it will get another bone--- or bone pile. Artifact code doesn't seem to care.
After seeing DF give back bone piles minus the bone material needed, was surprised artifact creation didn't.
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duplicate of 0002011resolved Toady One Decorating with bone/horn uses whole stack 
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Thanks Dwarfu!