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0002797Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Jobs, Animal Handlingpublic2010-07-23 14:232010-07-23 16:06
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0002797: dwarfs playing tug of war with animals trying to be milked.
when an animal that is not restrained and is being lead to the farming workshop for milking is then set to be restrained at a restraint anothe dwarf tries to put the animal in the restraint. creating a tug of war
have a animal(its been my horse farm) to be milked and on its way to the workshop set it to a rope restraint.
come to think of it its been a cow or 2 as well, as a workaroud either stop the milking or derestrain the animal
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duplicate of 0000410resolved Toady One Creatures get fought over by dwarves trying to milk and cage them 
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I can confirm this. I also see milkers taking restrained animals, freeing them, and then drag to Farmer's Workshop. On the way there, someone grabs the other end, thinking that said animal need to be placed in the assigned restraint again.
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See 0000410.