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0002814Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Interface, Announcements: Message Spampublic2010-07-24 13:592018-02-04 11:36
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0002814: message spam: dwarf cancels Hunt: Could not find path
My first instinct on seeing this spam was that she wanted to hunt in the underground cavern, which hadn't been explored yet. I checked the creature list ('u') but the only wild animals on it were two foxes, and both were above ground, as was the hunter (Fisherdwarf).

She had the equipment for the job (crossbow, quiver, bolts).

Save is attached.
http://dffd.wimbli.com/file.php?id=2800 [^]
After loading the save and confirming the continued spam, I sent a squad to explore the cavern (repeated 'move' orders), and meanwhile the hunter decided to get a Drink, and then went to Sleep.

By the time she woke up, I'd explored underground quite a bit. She went back to Hunt, above ground, without the spam. I don't know what was causing the spam, but I still suspect the unexplored underground terrain was involved somehow.
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related to 0002869confirmed Dwarfu Massive "item inaccessible"/"could not find path" spam results from hauling jobs targeting unrevealed items 
parent of 0002882new  Hunter pathing fails, river and bridges 
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2012-07-21 14:47   
I'm getting the same thing just now, also after having just discovered a cavern. At first I blocked it off until I was ready to explore, but even opening the door hasn't stopped the spam.
2014-01-04 18:51   
It seems to be a bug with the Hunters selecting an underground creepy-crawlie to hunt, but the pathing isn't correct. I had this same bug and once I sent out a squad (two swordsmen) to kill a Cave Crocodile, my Hunter came and finished the Croc off and carried him to the butcher.
2014-09-03 18:24   
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Had this occur in v0.40.10. I suspect my problem was related to using dfhack to 'reveal' the map and then later to 'unreveal' the map. My assumption is that the dwarves did not forget what they learned during the revealed period.

If this is the result of dfhack usage, I would not consider it a bug.

2017-04-01 04:44   
Also seeing this in 0.43.05 - after opening up a path into a cave (dwarves do gather spiderweb ok), hunters are stuck in "cannot find path" mode.

The message log is completely overwhelmed by this.
2017-12-03 08:27   
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I can confirm this problem happens in 0.44.02. Save: http://dffd.bay12games.com/file.php?id=13276 [^] This save is modded; it has one extra race.

2017-12-03 09:13   
While the hunters probably shouldn't be targeting unreachable cavern critters, they certainly shouldn't be spamming 100s of cancellations per minute.
2018-02-04 11:36   
This happened to me on 43.05, I disabled all hunting skills then re-enabled them and that fixed it for now.