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0002815: Successful fey mood does not elevate skill
I had a miner with no prior masonry skill get a fey mood, claim a mason's workshop, and create a nice lignite throne. Fine. But afterwards he had gained no masonry skill. He's not even a dabbling mason.
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Mining and Engraving are also moodable skills, and they use Mason workshop. He got mining experience probably.
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I'm resolving this as I'm explaining it, so feel free to PM me on the forums if you need further info.

Mining is a moodable skill. People that get moods get it in their highest moodable skill, if they have one.

Your dude had mining as his highest moodable skill. So he got a mining mood. Since there's no workshop associated with mining - it's just a type of rock-working - it takes place in a Masonry Workshop, as you saw.

Once his artifact was finished he gained even more mining skill - he was probably already very high, though.