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0002817Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Jobs, Itemspublic2010-07-24 18:552011-02-22 03:37
Toady One 
0002817: Making glass vials results in flasks of the wrong material
Attempting to make glass vials results in flasks made from the input materials. Green glass vials make coke flasks, and clear glass vials result in pearlash flasks. Green glass vials can be made on a magma glass furnace, but this appears to be due to the lack of inputs aside from sand. Attempting to make clear glass vials on the magma glass furnace still yields pearlash flasks. I have not tested crystal glass at all.
Make green/clear glass vials on a normal glass furnace or clear glass vials on a magma furnace.
has duplicate 0002845resolved Footkerchief Make glass vial produces flask 
has duplicate 0002857resolved Footkerchief Green glass vials are built as coal flasks 
has duplicate 0002874resolved Dwarfu Make clear glass vial produces pearlash flasks 
has duplicate 0003022resolved Dwarfu Coal flasks 
has duplicate 0003097resolved Dwarfu Glass vials turns into pearlash flasks and goblets 
related to 0000093resolved Toady One Flasks/waterskins/goblets made of wrong material (non-magma forges only?) 
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2010-07-24 19:41   
Huh. They're probably having the same problem with the fuel material variable that was described at 0000093:0010318 -- Toady fixed it for one building, but not the other.
2010-08-06 00:01   
Am having a similar issue with both green glass goblets and green glass vials turning into coal goblets and coal flasks. 0.31.12
2010-08-21 18:02   
This is extremely frustrating, since it makes it impossible to create golden salve or gnomeblight until locating magma
2010-09-02 20:06   
If it's resolved, how come it's still happening to me? Should I download another copy of the game?
2010-09-02 21:11   
What are you talking about, this issue is still open...?
2010-09-03 04:49   
As of 0.31.12 yes, but I'm using a non-magma. I just downloaded a new copy of the game, but the effect's still the same.
2010-09-03 18:45   
The issue is still open... The bug hasn't been fixed. It will eventually, just wait. Also, metal sarcophageese are still makeable, as a workaround.
2010-09-03 19:21   
OK, thanks.
Toady One   
2010-09-06 05:37   
This should be fixed for 0.31.13.