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0002847: Unconscious leader dwarf bugs out outpost liason
My leader was a miner. A Cave-in made the dwarf unconscious. At this time the traders were getting ready to leave. The liaison followed and stood by her bedside for a long time. They dragged her to the hospital and she layed there until after the traders left. Once I made a doctor to run the hospital. The diagnosis made her conscious again and she ran off to start mining even though she has a broken hip and broken leg. Full speed I might add. Now everywhere she goes the liaison chases her. She comes back to the hospital at times to rest and the doctor eventually tries to perform surgery but due to the hospital being bugged. Can't seem to fix her. Then she runs off again to go mine some more.
In description.
Not sure what you would need to fix. Hospital? Liaison picking someone else if dwarf unconscious? No idea.

What happens when expedition leader dies? Haven't had that yet.
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duplicate of 0000672new  Disabled/unconscious nobles can't meet liasons 
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After 2 more traders came by. I finally risked getting some thread out of the caves and the doctor fixed up my leader and immediately after, the original outpost liaison initiated conversation! :)